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I had been traveling for 8 days with just a backpack for my trip to Japan. I had been on my feet for many of those days and was in dire of need of something done to my neck and back. Walking from Dotonburi to my hostel I picked a random alley to get back and glad I picked the one Reflex was on. I had no intentions of going here but thought “why not it’s my last night here” and I am glad I did. I didn’t catch the man’s name but he was such a nice man. I had no clue what I was getting myself into or what he was all about, but I trusted him from the beginning. He used Google translate to communicate difficult things or to ask the tough questions like “am I constipated or have diarrhoea?” If he didn’t understand something I said I would speak into Google translate and this form of communication worked great! He walked me through his practice of applied reflexology (I think that’s it) and that he goes over the body checking muscles by putting you in a position, telling you to hold, then applying pressure in some way. If it was good, he’d say “good” and you were happy. If he said “no good” then you’d brace for a wonderfully painful stretch and rub on the tight areas and then he’d try it all over again to read the “good” status. Once he got to my neck and back is here things went kind of blank. I knew I was awake the whole time but some of the points he found sent me off to another planet. I had a hunch (not of Noterdame) that it was bad but I had no clue it was this bad. I left Reflex feeling better and happy about spending an hour with this incredibly pleasant man. Overall I would recommend Reflex, not just for the finger point magic, but also for the sheer enthusiasm and passion this man has for his work. As an American in Japan people typically don’t go out of their way to speak English and although he knew very little, he was able to communicated so much with very little

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